1-On-1: Famous & SAV

Season 5 of NBA2KLeague action is almost here (The TIPOFF Tournament begins April 5) so make sure to get yourself caught up on everything that happened this offseason with our Offseason Recap.

Before the players hit the sticks and start competing for that cash money $2.5m Prize Pool (whoa!) We caught up with GM/Head Coach Derric ‘Famous Enough’ Franklin himself, as well as PG Sten ‘SAV’ Aleksander Valge-Saar to give us a little insight into their thoughts on the offseason, the move to Indianapolis, and more.


Famous Enough 1-on-1

1-on-1 w/Famous Enough:

AG: Famous, how have you adjusted to living in Indianapolis vs. living in Miami the last four years?

FE: I actually lived in Indiana before moving to Miami, so I’m familiar with how the Midwest moves. But, I do love Miami and miss it already. 

AG: The league has housed you in a building with your players, as well as with coaches and players from the other teams playing in the central market (kind of similar to Seasons 1 and 2.) How does it feel to walk downstairs and see those guys regularly again?

FE: I think it’s pretty cool actually. At any point, I would go downstairs and see Coach Jeff (76ers GC), Coach Mike (Warriors Gaming), or Coach Duane (Pistons GT) and be able to laugh and joke with them.

AG: You made a big decision trading Hotshot in the offseason. What were your thoughts behind the move and what is now this team’s identity heading into Season 5?

FE: We will always appreciate the impact and contributions Hotshot made to HEAT Check Gaming, but after four seasons, it was just time to make a move. Cliche as it sounds, it’s as simple as that. As for this team’s identity, we’ll be a unit that leans into our defense.

AG: SAV is now the longest rostered HEAT Check (heading into his second year on the squad, third year overall in the league). What are your goals for him this season?

FE: I’m ready for SAV to be a leader and step up in pressure situations. 

AG: Lastly, what are your thoughts on your opponents in Group play of THE TIPOFF?

FE: On April 5th, we’ll be ready.


1-on-1 w/SAV:

AG: You’re now the longest-rostered player on HEAT Check Gaming. How does it feel to have the keys to the franchise heading into Season 5? 

SAV: It feels great. We’ve got a lot of new faces with good vibes and we all are extremely motivated to get this paper in season 5. 

AG: How was the offseason living in Miami compared to living in Indy now alongside your teammates (and opponents?)

SAV: Well, Miami is the greatest city in the world so it’s been an adjustment living in Indy. Although the plus side is there are fewer distractions here, so that makes it easier for us to focus strictly on 2K. 

Plus, hanging out with the team is a great time in itself.

AG: What will you miss most about living in Miami?

SAV: The #1 thing I miss about Miami is the weather. Living down there for the past year has made me realize I don’t miss winter, and warm weather all year around is the right thing for me.

AG: How excited are you for the opportunity to play guys you’ve gone up against for two years now, face to face for the first time?

SAV: I’m super excited because a live gameplay setting will be a benefit to me as I have years of experience playing live, competitive sports with many people watching me.

AG: What are your thoughts on Group C in The TIPOFF?

SAV: We’re facing some really good teams in Group C of The TIPOFF. They should be great matchups. Specifically with 76ersGC and Gen.G, we played each other many times last year so now they feel like marquee matchups. I’m definitely excited to face them both.


Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out next week’s 1-on-1 with our first pick in the 2022 NBA2KLegaue Draft, Deondrick ‘DTrick’ Leon. Don’t forget to get caught up with our Offseason Recap.

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