Draft Recap: Famous Adds Versatile Pieces to Formidable Core

The 2019 NBA2K League Draft may now officially be over, but Season 2 and the journey back to championship contention is just about to begin.

A long off-season of preparation paid off for Famous Enough Tuesday afternoon as the Coach rounded out his core of Hotshot, Majes7ic and 24K Dropoff with three new players who he believes are solid complements to the existing roster.

“I feel like we had a perfect draft. This is definitely going to be a great season for us,” said Famous.

With last year’s position restrictions on teams lifted for this draft, the Coach had the freedom to choose players who qualified in any role, and thus was able to put together a team based on one fundamental idea – versatility.

With the 20th pick in the first round, Famous drafted Lytel “Lotty” Martin, a high-scoring Playmaking Sharpshooter who entered the Combine as a Point Guard.

Lotty’s 31.3 PPG and 11.2 APG over 48 Combine games might be enough to convince most of his prowess as a floor general, but he and the Coach have a relationship that goes back years, and Famous knows he can play more than one position at an elite level.

“Lotty is a 2K vet that has always competed at the highest level. He’s a player with great versatility that can play a number of positons.”

HEAT Check Gaming had no selection in the second round, exchanging that pick to retain 24K Dropoff from Season 1.

As luck would have it, a prospect the Coach thought would be gone somewhere in the first round fell to him in the third at pick #52. Jordan “JMoneyRep817” Martinez qualified for the Combine as a Center with the Pure Glass Cleaner archetype, and averaged 13.4 PPG while pulling down 14.4 RPG.

However, Famous has seen more than enough of his play in ProAm to believe he could shift all the way to Point Guard and still play at an elite level.

“JMoney is a first round talent that we were able to grab in the third, and on 2K19 he’s proven over and over that he’s one of the best Point Guards in the game. He was an absolute steal,” said Famous.

Heading into the final round of the draft and armed with two players who could potentially run the offense at elite levels, Famous stayed focused on his goal of being versatile with his lineups, looking for a plug-and-play option in the front court.

With the 74th pick, the Coach chose Anmool “ChaChingSingh” Singh, who qualified for the Combine as a Rebounding Stretch 4 averaging 16.8 PPG, 4.6 APG, and an impressive 3.3 SPG. However, Famous was more interested in ChaChingSingh’s basketball IQ and analytical approach to the game.

“ChaChing’s attention to detail when it comes to understanding 2K is an extremely valuable asset,” said Famous. “He’s a player with a coach’s mind.”

Now that the roster is complete, players will begin arriving in Miami the week of March 11. That will give the team anywhere between two to three weeks to acclimate and build some chemistry before Season 2 opens with the Tip-Off Tournament April 2.