HEAT Check Gaming & Florida Mayhem Visit Local Summer Campers

Wednesday’s schedule for HEAT Check Gaming included a joint Q&A, some head-to-head 2K, shooting hoops with local kids and even a tug-of-war against the Overwatch Legaue’s Florida Mayhem.

The squad made an early morning appearance at the Miami Springs Recreation Center to connect with summer campers who may also one day want to pursue a career path in esports.

HCG players addressed a group of about 40 campers, covering a range of topics that included their personal journeys as professional gamers, what they would be doing if they weren’t playing in the 2K League, the importance of branding yourself as you grow a following in esports, and even who the team’s best chef was (spoiler: it’s Majes7ic).

When asked about what steps he had to take to get to where he is now, Famous Enough emphasized how important it was to simply just practice your craft.

“You have to play, play, play,” said HCG’s GM/Coach. “The moment you stop to take a break, there’ll be someone there to pass you up.”

Like any career path however, SharpShooterLos made sure to let the campers know how important it was to keep having fun doing it.

“Don’t get into a game just because it’s popular,” he said. “Just make sure it’s something you enjoy doing, that way it doesn’t seem so tedious in the long run. Make sure you have fun doing it. It’s still a game, at the end of the day.”

HCG spoke alongside the Mayhem, who even earned congratulations from one camper for ‘making such a great game’ in reference to Overwatch.

When asked about what tips the professional gamers could offer the campers, Matt Akhavan, the Mayhem’s Team Manager, summed it up for them – prioritize school and have good time management.

“When you’re in school, the first priority is school work, you do your homework first, you do your classwork, then you can go play video games. The same thing goes for the Overwatch guys – they need to practice, they need good time management so they have enough time to practice after hours, before hours. They need to get their life stuff done. Once they do that, they can focus on the game.”

Following the sit down with the campers, the two teams handed out some HCG and Mayhem swag and then broke off into two groups – one set of campers headed for the basketball courts to line up for some ‘Knockout’, while the others hit the sticks and went head-to-head against Hotshot, Famous Enough, Hyper is Pro, and Jalen03303 for some 2K action.

Between games of knockout on the courts, Majes7ic addressed how great it was to engage the community and connect with the campers.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever done something like this and it reminds me of when I was a kid – some kids were asking me for my autograph? I don’t even have an autograph. It was great,” he said.

“It’s important to connect with the fans and support the community so they can support you back.”

Before wrapping the event up, the two teams faced off in a fierce tug-of-war to determine who the top Florida professional esports club would be.

Naturally, it ended in a 1-1 tie.

Make sure to catch HCG this Saturday at 10:00 AM ET as they face off against Wizards District Gaming live at twitch.tv/HEATCheckGaming.