HEAT Check Gaming Playoff Push: Week 11

SharpShooterLos at the point. 24k Dropoff and Hotshot at the wings. Majes7ic at the four and Jalen03303 at the stretch five.

New Lineup?

Don’t care.

HEAT Check Gaming played Saturday morning’s 10:00 AM game with a new-look lineup that was hungry for revenge against an opponent who has had their number on two separate occasions this season – Wizards District Gaming knocked HCG out of the opening rounds of both ‘The Turn’ and ‘The Ticket’ Midseason Tournaments. This time however, Famous Enough, Hotshot and the squad got the last laugh.

HCG defeated WDG 95-77, earning themselves a four-game winning streak, the fourth seed in the standings heading into week 11, and the right to call themselves one of hottest teams in the 2K League.

HCG’s GM/Coach entered the early-morning tilt with the goal of containing Boo Painter, staying on WDG’s shooters and making Hotshot the main focus of their five-out offense. He thinks it’s time other teams around the league start showing HCG the respect they’ve worked hard to earn.

“I think there’s a lot of people who don’t respect us, they haven’t been respecting us,” said Famous Enough. “Any time we beat a team it’s because the other team is playing bad, not because our defense is the reason they’re playing bad.”

“You don’t have to give us our credit – we’re going to take it at this point.”

Meanwhile, Hotshot is averaging a red-hot 52.5 PPG over the last two games, and has placed third overall in the 2K League in scoring at 26.4 PPG – making a strong case for recognition as an MVP candidate.

“This one was personal, it felt good to beat [WDG],” said Hotshot. “They were talking a lot after their two wins, I’m just happy we got that one back.”

Here’s what HCG’s Playoff Push looks like heading into Week 11:

  • Though HCG is within a half-game of the third seed in the standings, 76ers GC has a hefty lead in point-differential (62 to 18). Luckily for HCG, they own the head-to-head tie-breaker (1-0) in the case of a tie at the end of the regular season.
  • In order to jump ahead of the second seed Pistons GT, HCG will need to have a better record outright. PGT took the head-to-head tie-breaker over HCG in the first week of the regular season with a 62-70 victory.
  • Magic Gaming is the only other team currently tied with HCG heading into Week 11 (7-4) and, coincidentally, MG and HCG weren’t scheduled to face off against one another during the regular season. In the case of a tie, HCG currently holds the tie-breaker with a lead in point-differential (18 to -12).
  • Meanwhile, HCG’s final three opponents (Kings Guard Gaming, Raptors Uprising GC, and Grizz Gaming) are a combined 14-21 heading into the final two weeks of the regular season.

Other observations:

  • Of note is the fact that, while Celtics Crossover Gaming currently holds the eighth seed heading into Week 11, Knicks Gaming would bump them from playoff contention with an automatic berth to the postseason by virtue of winning ‘The Ticket’ Midseason Tournament.
  • Blazer5 Gaming (11-1) have locked up the first seed after a pair of wins this weekend, while Warriors Gaming (2-9) have been eliminated from playoff contention.
  • Unfortunately for KGG, it appears their chance to earn one of the final playoff spots is no longer in their hands – A win by either WDG, CCG or RUGC will eliminate KGG from playoff contention.
  • More or less the same goes for Bucks Gaming, who lost to both RUGC and CCG during the regular season, but earned an 84-83 win over WDG in Week 9. If either RUGC or CCG win their Week 11 match, Bucks Gaming would also be eliminated from playoff contention.

Make sure to catch HCG’s next match this Saturday at 1:00 PM ET on twitch.tv/HEATCheckGaming.