HEAT Check Gaming Playoff Push: Week 12

HEAT Check Gaming had every intention of giving Kings Guard Gaming everything it could handle and more this past Saturday in what would have been a crucial match with big playoff implications for the squad from the ‘305’.

Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans.

KGG was unable to fly out to New York City for the match due to heavy storms and flight cancelations, and, as a result, HCG will now hit the sticks Thursday night at 8:00 PM ET against Kings Guard, in addition to its double-header two days later.

However, this doesn’t mean that the 2K League stood still – in fact, there are now six teams with exactly seven wins on the season and two others who are still in the fight for one of the final four available playoff slots. That is likely to create some interesting tiebreaker scenarios for nearly half the league this weekend.

Here’s what HCG’s Playoff Push looks like heading into Week 12:

  • Despite not playing a match this weekend, HCG held on to the fourth seed in the standings by virtue of Magic Gaming dropping a heart-breaking 66-65 match to Pistons GT.
  • The teams with seven wins heading into the final weekend of the regular season include HCG, MG, Cavs Legion GC, Wizards District Gaming, Celtics Crossover Gaming and Raptors Uprising GC.
  • Of the teams with at least seven wins, HCG currently holds the head-to-head tiebreaker over CCG and WDG.
  • CLGC currently holds the head-to-head tie-breaker over HCG, while HEAT Check’s head-to-head tie-breaker vs RUGC will be determined this Saturday. (MG and HCG did not face one another during the regular season.)
  • If more than two teams end the regular season with the same record, that tie-breaker then moves to average point differential.
  • To guarantee a playoff slot this weekend, HCG must win at least two of its final three games.
  • HCG and RUG are tied for the longest winning streak in the league, with both teams having won their last four games.
  • The combined record for HCG’s final three opponents is 15-22.

Observations around the league:

  • Kings Guard Gaming, Bucks Gaming, Grizz Gaming and Jazz Gaming joined Warriors Gaming as the teams that have been mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.
  • 76ers GC and Pistons GT became the latest teams to clinch playoff seeds. Including Blazer5 Gaming and Knicks Gaming, that now makes four teams to do so.
  • Though Mavs Gaming isn’t necessarily eliminated from playoff contention just yet, its path to the playoffs won’t be easy at all. They’ll need to beat KGG and BG by large margins to help their chances if they end up in a point differential tie-breaker situation with the other seven-win teams. Also, virtually every team ahead of them up to the sixth seed would have to lose this weekend for any chance at hitting a point differential tie-breaker scenario – not an ideal situation, to say the least.
  • Pacers Gaming has an interesting scenario before them to sneak into the playoffs this weekend. They face WG Thursday and then play a double-header Saturday against Blazer5 Gaming and KGG. If the other seven-win teams lose out and PG wins two of its last three games, a point differential tie-breaker would favor them greatly – only B5 and 76ers GC have higher differentials overall.

Make sure to catch the action Thursday against Kings Guard Gaming at 8:00 PM ET, as well as Saturday starting at 11:00 AM ET against Raptors Uprising GC, and the regular season finale at 4:00 PM ET against Grizz Gaming – all on twitch.tv/HEATCheckGaming.