HEAT Check Gaming Protects Hotshot, Majes7ic for Season Two

MIAMI, Sep. 4 – HEAT Check Gaming announced Tuesday that it plans to designate Juan ‘Hotshot’ Gonzalez and Stanley ‘Majes7ic’ Lebron as its two protected players for season two of the NBA2K League.

Drafted seventh overall in the inaugural NBA2KLeague Draft, Hotshot led HEAT Check Gaming with 32.4 PPG in regular season play, while averaging 7.3 RPG and 5.9 APG as a Rebounding Athletic Finisher (power forward) and Shot Creating Slasher (small forward).

The Miami native also set an NBA2K League regular season record with a 54-point performance in an 86-71 HEAT Check Gaming victory over 76ers GC. The victory was one in a five-game win streak that catapulted HCG into the playoff picture, and Hotshot into the MVP conversation.

Majes7ic, drafted with the 11th pick in the second round of the inaugural NBA2K League Draft, averaged 12.9 PPG, 7.3 APG and 1.9 RPG through regular season play.

Originally drafted as a point guard, Majes7ic earned the moniker ‘Swiss-Army Knife’ for his willingness to play multiple positions on the court and became known for his lock-down defense, especially in the front court late in the regular season and playoffs.

“HEAT Check Gaming had a great season and I want to thank and congratulate the team,” said HEAT Check Gaming GM/Coach Famous Enough. “When it came time to make this decision on who to protect, Hotshot and Majes7ic were the two players best suited for us to build around.”