Preview: HCG Advance to Final Day of TIP OFF Tournament

HEAT Check Gaming’s weekend in NYC for the NBA 2K League TIP OFF Tournament got just a little longer after Friday night.

Midway through Group 7’s Jazz Gaming vs. Blazer5 Gaming match, Famous Enough had calculated that no remaining team would be able to push his squad out of the wild card slot and that Miami would be back in the Studio Saturday for at least one single-elimination game.

HEAT Check Gaming drew the Group 7 winner, Bucks Gaming – not the team many thought would be moving on from this group.

Quarterfinals: HEAT Check Gaming (1-1) vs Bucks Gaming (1-1) April 6 (4:00 PM ET, Watch live on Twitch)

Sizing Up Bucks Gaming: This is not the same Bucks Gaming from S1.

I repeat. This is not the same Bucks Gaming from S1.

The official NBA 2K League Power Rankings placed Milwaukee at #20, just above Kings Guard Gaming. They didn’t appear to agree with that assessment very much at all, shocking last year’s regular season leaders Blazer5 Gaming and earning just enough points against Jazz Gaming to advance from Group 7 into Saturday’s single-elimination bracket.

They were led by ARooks (who went by the handle Game6Drake in S1) and newcomer Chaddynick against Blazer5, who combined for 42 of the team’s 71 points. And while SlayIsland and Plondo didn’t make quite as big an impact on the point total, the two rookies combined for nine steals against Portland.

One more thing to keep an eye on – Bucks Gaming went a combined 20/33 from beyond the arc in Group play – Arooks alone accounted for eight of those. Perimeter defense will need to be tight to make sure that Milwaukee doesn’t find those same opportunities against Famous’ boys.

Key Matchup: Arooks is average 24 PPG coming out of Group play – that’s the third highest mark in the TIP OFF Tournament. If Famous can find the right matchup and nullify his scoring impact, the Bucks may be in trouble.

Also, perimeter defense will be very important this game. Dropoff, Lotty, Majes7ic and JMoneyRep817 will need to be on their toes to make sure the ball doesn’t leak out to any one of the Bucks shooters for open looks.

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