PREVIEW: HEAT Check Gaming Gear Up For THE TURN

With their first BYE week in the books, Famous and the squad are packing their bags for Las Vegas to compete for a slice of a $180,000 prize pool in The TURN, the NBA 2K League’s mid-season tournament.

However, unlike The TIPOFF or Season 1’s three in-season tournaments, the league has introduced a new wrinkle into this tournament that will force teams to make gameplay adjustments unlike any they’ve made before.

Introducing: the Archetype Ban.

The Archetype Ban: The NBA 2K League will test the versatility and ability of players and coaches to adjust on the fly with this ban. According to the NBA 2K League, each team will ban one of the 25 archetypes available across all five positions ahead of their match, blocking both teams from using it in that specific matchup.

For example, if the home team chooses to ban the Point Guard Playmaking Sharpshooter and the away team chooses to ban the Power Forward Slashing Stretch 4, neither team may select either of those archetypes at those positions ahead of their matchup.

Click here for more information on the NBA 2K League archetypes.

Game 1: HEAT Check Gaming (3-2) vs. Warriors Gaming Squad (3-2) – May 9 (6 PM PT / 9 PM ET, Watch live on Twitch)

Sizing up Warriors Gaming: Do we begin by acknowledging that BSmoove is currently the league leader in scoring with 24.4 PPG at Small Forward as a Shot-Creating Sharpshooter?

Or, we could look on the defensive end and talk about how Type is currently the league leader in blocks at 2.3 BPG while also averaging 2.3 SPG and 12.7 RPG at Center as a Sharpshooting Rebounder.

Meanwhile, Jin is having a stellar season of his own at Power Forward as a Slashing Stretch 4, averaging 15 PPG during regular season play and torching Wizards DG for a season-high 22 points as part of an 82-43 “shellacking” (if there ever was a time to use this word, this would be it) in Week 4 against his former team.

Not to mention Gradient, the #2 overall pick from the 2019 Draft has been slotted at Shooting Guard as a Pure Lockdown Defender and is helping to hold opponents to just 57.6 PPG on average through regular season play.

While they’re locking teams down defensively, Warriors Gaming Squad are getting it done of the offensive side of the ball too –  their three-pronged attack of BSmoove, Type and Jin have helped their team average 65.2 PPG in five regular season games played so far.

Key Matchup: With the Archetype ban in play, matchups could get a little tricky. Will BSmoove be blocked from the Shot-Creating Sharpshooter archetype? Or will Type have to select another build besides Sharpshooting Rebounder? And who will Warriors Gaming Squad choose to block on the HEAT Check Gaming side? Will their ban affect Hotshot at Center? Or will they choose to remove the Pure Lockdown Defender build from Lotty and the matchup entirely? (Remember, each ban blocks both teams from selecting that specific build.)

Ultimately, BSmoove will be a factor and the squad will need to keep him under control. However, Hotshot vs. Type may determine the outcome of this game.

Injury Update: Majes7ic will not be playing Thursday against Warriors Gaming Squad (leg). 

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