Q&A Sit-down with HEAT Check Gaming: 24K Dropoff

I recently sat down and led a quick Q&A with each of the members of HEAT Check Gaming, covering a range of topics including some of their favorite experiences over the last five months, both on and off the sticks. This week features Basil Rose, also known as 24K Dropoff.

Alex Granado: Thanks for making the time, man. First question for you: Outside of 2K, what’s been your most memorable experience living in Miami these past few months?

24K Dropoff: Definitely has to be bonding with the team. We hit the swimming pool, the beach, some parties, riding the jetski’s. Just all the team activities we did.

AG: What was your favorite build/archetype to play in the league?

Dropoff: Pure sharp (Pure Sharpshooter) and pure rim (Pure Rim Protector).

AG: Who was the one opponent you looked most forward to facing this season?

Dropoff: I would say 24K JSmoove with Jazz Gaming. Me and him run with the same group, 24K. We’ve been playing with each other for years in the park so he’s really one of my closest friends.

AG: Favorite pair of kicks to wear at the NBA 2K Studio on game days?

Dropoff: Definitely my Jordan 5’s, no doubt.

AG: I know the guys caught you sleeping a bit before matches, but what were the top artists you’d listen to before a match to get hyped up?

Dropoff: Haha, yeah. I’d listen to Colossal, mostly Future. I’d really just let Future and Drake play on Apple Music and listen to it.

AG: As a player, what was your defining moment of year one?

Dropoff: I would say when I switched to pure rim protector and I was locking up all the league’s top centers. No one scored over 20 points on me in the paint. I’d say my defense grew a lot from being in the league and that was a big reason why.

AG: So, besides NBA 2K, what other games do you play?

Dropoff: I usually play Overwatch and Madden, games like that.

AG: Based on your experience as a professional NBA 2K League athlete, what advice would you give to aspiring gamers aiming to join the league in season two?

Dropoff: Best advice I have is to just play your game in the combine. Don’t try and score 30 or 40 points a game, just try and have a good teammate grade, they really look at all the things like how often you pass the ball, how many times you dribbled, and whether or not you were selfish.

AG: How has this experience in the league helped you grow as a person over the last few months?

Dropoff: I think I’m the same person I was drafted as really. I brought a lot of what I’ve learned in life to my experience in the 2K League.