Q&A Sit-down with HEAT Check Gaming: Hyper Is Pro

I recently sat down and led a quick Q&A with each of the members of HEAT Check Gaming, covering a range of topics including some of their favorite experiences over the last five months, both on and off the sticks. This week features Rahmel Wilkins, also known as Hyper Is Pro.

Alex Granado: Question one. Outside of 2K, what’s been your most memorable experience living in Miami these past five months?

Hyper Is Pro: Would definitely have to be when I went to Versailles, the restaurant. One of the people that’s cool with the team brought us there and the food was amazing. The whole menu looked good, but I just stuck with what I liked.

AG: What did you end up getting?

Hype: The churrasco.

AG: Ah, I knew it. Good choice. Next question: Favorite build to play in the 2K League?

Hype: I would say the slashing shot-creator, or the post athletic big man. They were just dominant out there – a force for sure.

AG: Who was the one opponent you looked most forward to facing this season?

Hype: I would have to say BallLikeSeem. He had a pretty good start, and I know [Mavs Gaming] tried to get him some shots. So when we played them, I was keyed in on slowing him down.

AG: Did you know him before the 2K League?

Hype: We’ve talked before, but not really outside of that.

AG: Favorite pair of kicks to wear to the NBA 2K Studio on game days?

Hype: Favorite kicks were definitely the Jordan 12 ‘Flu Games’. They just gave me a certain vibe, put me in a certain mood, especially heading into games.

AG: Name the top three artists that hyped you up before a match this season.

Hype: Logic, Kendrick [Lamar], and Meek Mill.

AG: Hype, what was your season one “Defining Moment?”

Hype: It would have to be that game-winner against the Knicks. That was a very important game for our season – win or go home at this point. Hotshot had the dunk, I was just in the right place at the right time and I saved the game.

AG: So, funny story about that game. That day, I was covering the Twitch stream at a Starbucks up in Pembroke Pines, and when you grabbed that rebound and put in the game-winner, I jumped out of my chair and screamed, I was pretty hyped up. Everyone sitting around me in the café just kind of looked over with a weird face right away though, and I slinked back down into my seat.

Pretty embarrassing I’d say, but a fun moment.

AG: So, if there was one thing the NBA 2K league could do differently in season two, what would it be?

Hype: I don’t think there’s too much to change at this point to be honest. It was the first season, so there’s a couple small things to iron out, but nothing major. We’ll see what they do.

AG: Besides NBA 2K, what other games do you play?

Hype: Rainbow 6 Siege, Overwatch, Madden, Mortal Kombat.

AG: As a professional 2K League athlete, what advice would you give to aspiring gamers looking to get drafted in season two?

Hype: Professionalism will take you very far. Try and stay locked in to your goals, as far what you want to accomplish. Just try and get better every day any way you can.

AG: How has this experience helped you grow as a person over the last few months?

Hype: It definitely has. The travel will make you grow up quick, the constant back and forth. Having to be responsible for yourself, living out here on your own. Getting more comfortable in front of the camera too and talking to people, it all definitely helped me grow.